FP 150

New KNF FP 150 - A low-pulsation diaphragm pump

The FP 150 is one of the new generation diaphragm pumps from KNF combining the traditional advantages of diaphragm pump technology – self priming, can run dry, long life time – with a pulsation level comparable to gear pumps. 

Features and Benefits

Low pulsation is a key feature of the new FP 150 since it achieves values lower than 150 mbar (at the pump outlet) at nominal flow rate and lower still depending on system configuration and running speed. In this respect the new FP 150 fares just as well as gear pumps used in IJP.
Linear adjustment of flow is another strong feature of the new FP 150. The pump offers an outstanding linearity between 10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate.
On top of that, the new pump is stable against back pressure (up to 2 bar) and against viscosity changes within the range of the commonest inks used in industrial IJP. The FP 150 is therefore a good solution for applying glazes, enamels, hot melt inks, etc.
The FP 150 has been intensively tested for 12 months at large printer and ink manufacturers in the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Israel and has already aroused broad interest.


This new pump generation has been specially designed to meet the challenges posed by UV inks which are currently witnessing substantial growth across a range of applications in industrial Inkjet Printing (IJP). The five diaphragms of the FP 150 apply a low shear force to UV inks, thus avoiding premature curing – i.e. activating the UV initiators - in the pump.

The new FP 150 delivers up to 1.5l/min (depending on version) to meet the higher recirculation volumes required by modern printers which utilize a greater number printheads per color bar.