ISO 9001

ISO 9001


Certification of the Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is a global management standard use to establish and to update organization´s quality management systems. It applies to all type of organizations and help achieving standard of quality recognized and respected throughtout the world.



National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)

NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit certification organization that provides standards development, product certification, auditing, education and risk management for public health and the environment. NSF Certificate is accepted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).



NSF / ANSI 169 – Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices:

This standard establishes minimum food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials, design, fabrication, construction and performance of special purpose food handling and processing equipment. The KNF Diaphragm Pumps are certified according to this standard.


NSF / ANSI 51 – Food Equipment Materials

The purpose of this standard is to establish minimum food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials used in the construction of commercial food equipment. This standard contains requirements to ensure that the materials do not pass on harmful substances to food in its intended end use application. The materials are tested according to this standard.



The ATEX (Atmosphère Explosive) directive consists of two EU directives describing what equipment and work environment is allowed in an environmental with an explosive atmosphere.

ATEX 137 - workplace directive 99/92/EC

ATEX95 - equipment directive 94/9/EC (for the manufacturer)

This regulation apply to all equipment intended for use in explosive atmosphere whether electrical or mechanical, including protective systems. The primary purpose of this regulation is the safety and protection of persons working in explosion proof areas.

Our pumps are in accordance with the equipment directions od 94/9/EC for equipment and protective systems for intended use in axplosive atmospheres and comply to the norms EN13463-1 and EN13463-5 of the ATEX areas.  

EN13463-1: Non electrical devices intended for use in explosive atmospheres – basic methods and requirements

EN13463-5: Non electrical devices intended for use in explosive atmospheres – Protection by constructional safety “c”.

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