NFB 100 – Double Power - Half Pulsation

With its two-headed design, the NFB 100 allows for high flow rates up to 2.6 l/min, while maintaining half the pulsation of a single-headed pump. Furthermore, it can be used to transport two different liquids simultaneously, reducing the need for a second pump. Driven by an adjustable brushless DC motor, the flow rate can be regulated and matched to the parameters in the customer’s system.

Operating modes

Parallel connected mode

The alternating operations of the pump heads result in a smooth and levelled flow

Individual mode

Two different liquids can be transported at the same time, which can make a second pump superfluous.

Product Highlights

  • High flow rate while maintaining low pulsation
  • Ability to transport two separate liquids simultaneously
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Diaphragm technology for clean, gentle transportation of sensitive liquids
  • Chemically resistant options available
  • Long lifetime and maintenance free (>10'000 h)
  • Self priming and dry-run safe
  • Offers cost saving potential

Technical Specs

Flow rate per head (l/min)


Max. permissible pressure (barg)


Suction head



Pump Options

Separating plate hydraulics/electronics