KNF RC 900 - Benefit from Expert Knowledge

Under the spotlight at KNF: What aspects are really key to rotary evaporation in everyday lab practice? What is needed to guarantee simple,
economical and reliable processes day in day out?

These are the questions we used as a guide in developing and implementing the new RC 900. We became involved in daily lab work. We asked
lab technicians what they wished for, enlisted experts to perform tests and incorporated their suggestions.
The result was the RC 900: designed to impress thanks to its distinct handling advantages, clever functional details and well thought out safety

Inspiringly easy to use

Designed for everyday use, and tailored to practical needs. The RC 900 makes rotary evaporation far simpler and safer. Reliability, operational safety and precision come as standard with the RC 900.

KNF RC 900 - Rotary evaporator
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Joining forces to create a precisely balanced system

RC 900 combined with the SC 920 vacuum pump system and the C 900 chiller.

Chiller C 900        

Vacuum pump system SC 920


News: RC 900 rotatiefilmverdamper wint de Red Dot Award

Ontwerp en gebruiksvriendelijkheid overtuigden de jury voor de gerenommeerde ontwerpprijs.

Elaborated Safety Features

  • Protective cover
  • Cordless heating bath with
    - Vertical double wall
    - pour spout for safe emptying
    - light indicating heating bath operation
  • Central and secure remote control

Ease of Use

  • Fast and safe flask exchange
  • Flask angle fully adjustable
  • High performance and easy to clean cooling condenser

Technical Data

Heating bath

Heating bath temperature [°C]

20 - 180

Coolant supply parameters (chilled condenser)

Permissible pressure [bar]


Permissible temperature

-15°C to +20°C

Coolant coated surface [cm2]


Parameters of evaporation flask

Size of evaporation flask [ml]

50 - 4000

Rotational speed of evaporation flask [1/min]

25 - 250

Length of stroke [mm]


Lifting speed [mm/s]

ca. 38

RC 900

Dimensions W x D x H [mm]

- without glass (footprint)

431 x 447 x 464

- with glass

487 x 447 x 823

Remote control unit

Wireless range

approx. 50 m without obstacles